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San Rafael City Schools: 

Bahia Vista, Coleman, DavidsonGlenwood, Laurel Dell, San Pedro, Short, Sun Valley, Venetia Valley, Madrone HS, San Rafael HS, and Terra Linda HS

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HeadsUp is part of Schools Rule Marin, a coalition of all Public Education Foundations in Marin County.

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Summerfest September 2016
Another success!


Hundreds of volunteers, SRCS staff, HeadsUp business partners and families throughout San Rafael came together to support our schools and revel in the music performed by our students (and few a parents and teachers too). It was a beautiful reflection of our community, a whole lot of fun, and a valuable fundraiser that brought in over $80,000!


Thanks to all participants, a special shout out to the many teens from our high schools who made the day possible, and profound gratitude to our event chairs, Tanya Burdick and Leslie Piper.

HeadsUp CARNIVAL — October 7, 2017


We're back to school, apples are ripening, and it's time again for the HeadsUp Carnival! We'll have all the usual attractions: live music performed by our students (and few a parents and teachers too), carnival games, BBQ, papusas, jumpies, the cake walk, and much, much more, all on the beautiful San Rafael High School campus.


This fun, festive, community event raises a large portion of the HeadsUp budget and It takes hundreds of volunteers to make it happen. Please lend a hand and help us spread the word!

We Rocked! We Ran!

Supported by hundreds of volunteers, tallying, cheering, and donating for laps, our elementary students ran their hearts out last spring to raise over $70,000 to support music this year!  Special thanks to all who participated, with an extra special shout out to our ever-ready event chairs, Amy Jonak and Laurie Petersen!

Thousands of attendees, hundreds of volunteers, mountains of food, dozens of activities, and so many wonderful student performances made Carnival a great day for our community! And with gross receipts of well over $85,000, its impact on our future ability to provide programs and support is truly meaningful! Particular shoutouts go to the many teens from Madrone, San Rafael and Terra Linda who gave their time so that younger kids and their families could enjoy the day. As always, we thank our many sponsors, including the in-kind donors below, and acknowledge the efforts of district staff that helped us pull this off.


Raffle Winners

$1,000: Blanca (last name not given), sold by Noe Rivera/Davidson

$500: Omar Agular, sold by Andra Rodriguez/Bahia Vista

$250: Jimmy Reyes, sold by Marvin Rodas/San Pedro

Raffle Top Sellers

Our school top sellers this year will all receive $25 cash and a

Ukulele, compliments of Banana’s at Large and Magic Flute!

Lidia Gomez (Bahia Vista)

Mirko Lavrisha (Davidson)

Madelyn Christensen (Coleman)

Keirah Star Haines(Glenwood)

Mike Aguilar (Laurel Dell)

Edison Vail (San Pedro)

Kai Dhavisith (Short)

Lucie Theobald (Sun Valley)

Diana Gonzalez (Venetia Valley)

Districtwide Top Seller: Madelyn Christensen (Coleman) will receive $50 in cash and a ukulele!


BIG SHOUT OUT to the San Pedro Dolphins for having the

highest raffle ticket sales (over $6,000 ) and the top

participation percentage in the district (over 30%).
San Pedro Elementary will receive $600!

Save the Date! HeadsUp CARNIVAL October 6, 2018

In-Kind Donors:  

Bananas At Large

The Magic Flute

Peter Levi Plumbing

Sprouts Farmers Market

Three Twins Ice Cream


We Rocked!

Together this Spring, elementary school students at all eight schools in San Rafael ran through rain or shine to raise money for our schools’ music programs. Our caps go off to all the 3,700 students who ran and brought in pledge money to help pay for music instruction, materials, and instruments at all our schools. More than $67,000 was raised during Rockin’ Run!
Special congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Dylan Hynes of Venetia Valley, who will have a special night at a Pacifics game with friends and family. And congratulations to our other first prize winners at each school:
Bahia Vista … Lucy Noble
Coleman … Cameron Moayedi
Glenwood … Tyler Hineline
Laurel Dell … Angelin Rodas
San Pedro … Nicole Annabelly Gonzalez Lemus
Short … Enzo Medina Capanema
Sun Valley … Kacy Walker & Mac Walker
Many thanks to the Rockin’Run school site leaders, to the principals, staff and teachers and to the hundreds of parents who came to watch, cheer, and mark laps on our run days.