HeadsUp Faces Difficult Budget Cuts for 2021 School Year


Our FY21 funding has been highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the events we rely on for fundraising, including the SchoolsRule gala, have been canceled, and business donations are down as well. After several years at nearly $500K, we had to build a budget at $225K. Cuts were spread equally across the divisions (elementary, middle, high all reduced by 48%). We are thankful that our funding can still have impact for students in the areas of enrichment, wellness and college counseling but we need support to carry this on throughout the academic year. 

HeadsUp needs and welcomes volunteers of all kinds to fulfill our mission. Let us know if you’d like to help with an event or ongoing operational activities, or if you’d be interested in joining our board. 

Michelene Moayedi  Executive Director



Individual Donors 2018–19

Bud Alderson

Beth Levison and Tom Allen

Matthew Bailey

Carols Barahona

Nubia Barajas

Cyrell Betnencourt

Luke Blaschke

Molly Blauvet

Julie Bloomberg

Rebekah Lodge Blythedale

Helen Bogner

Cathy and Cliff Bolton

Jami Breen

Carol and Patrick Brosnan

Yvette and Phillip Brown

Cathy Burke

Jenny and Steve Callaway

Yulman Cariillo

Brian Casey

Peter Scheer and Morry Cater

Kris Cauz

Patrick and Sabina Chamberlain

Samuel Chan

Jaime Chimal

Rossmery Cieza

Tiffani and Gregg Clarke

Sally Clarke

Crosspoint Realty Servics

Pedro Da Silva

Zoe Dalton

Hugh Davies

Ian Davis-Tremayne

Andrea Davisons

Sony De Leon

Eleazar De Leon

Jamin Diaz

Lilian Diaz

Felipa Dioncio

Adina Dumitrescu

Marianne Ellenberger

Salvador Escobar

Estaurdo Espinoza

Lisa and Rob Espstein

Carol and Bill Farrer

Pam and Michael Franklin

Jon and Joan Collins Freudman

Wendy and Tom Gallagher

Patty Garbarino

Maribel Garcia

Jessica and Scott Gerber

Suzanne Gilbert

Yessenia Giron

The Goldmans

Regino Gomez 

Rebeca Gonzalez

Emelina Gramajo

Grecia Gramajo

Jonnattan Gramajo

Patricia Green

Meghan Greenwood

Linda and Mohammed Hamza

Brooke Hansen

Leslie and Brooks Herrick

Tracey Hessel

Susan and CJ Hickey

Kearsley Higgins

Teri Hollowell

Tom and Catherine Holmes

Danielle Hougard

Riley and Ashely Hurd

Linda Jackson

Ann Jessen

Mona Jimenez

Kim and Eric Johnson

Amy and Mary Herald Jonack

Dennis and Pamela Joyce

Jheny Jut

Francesca and Tom Kennedy

Elaine Keratzides

Emile Kfouri

Cielo Kirk

Andrew and Joyce Abrams Kives

Alicia and Tom Klein

Lyn and Don Klein

Joseph Lee

Ellen Litwiller

Maika Llorens Gulati

Nidia Lopez

Derbin Lopez

Wichika Te Ly

Bruce and Carole MacPhail

Laurie and Greg Martinez

Saul Mazariegos

Marvin Mazariegos

Carlene McCart

Andrew and Theresa McCullough

Irma Medic

Selvin Mejia

Marun Mendez

Michelne and Eric Moayedi

Lauren Monson

Gina and Andrew Moore

Kajsa and Declan Murphy

David Newhall

Julia Norton-Lindsay

Jen and Mark Numainville

Kathy and Dennis O’Keefe

Whitney and Dennis O’Neill

Celia Orelana

Klaudia Ortega

Neyva Ortiz

Sophia Ortiz

Deborah and Jonathan Parker

Stanley and Georgene Pasarell

Laurie and Scott Pederesen

Dana Pepp

Oscar Pineda

Susan and Dennis Puorro

Nora Rahe

Miguel Rangel

Bob and Kristen Roath

Lynn Robinett

Jairo Rodas

Pablo Rodas

Maria Elena Rodriguez

Stephen and Joyce Franklin Roth

Margarita and Daniel Salinas

Margarita and Daniel Salinas

Saul Sanitago

Brenda Santor

Juan Santos

Debra and Ladd Schulman

Lo Mei Seh

Lesley and Andre Shashaty

Hal and Lisa Shenson

Anne and David Sondheim

Sara Sonnet

Naomi Speigleman

Jennifer Spilly

Greg Spring

Michelle Stern

Rachel and Jeff Street

Rodolfo Tabat

Olga Temnikoff

Judy and Natu Tuatagaloa

Karla Valdez

Nancy van Horn

Sanda Vazquez

Aaryan Vira

Erica Vo

Noel Voskuil

Marc and Suzanne Waterman

Michael Whiteley

Janetta Wood

Linda Woods

Alicia Yax

Jose Zacarias

HeadsUp San Rafael Public Education Foundation

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San Rafael City Schools: 

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