Our funding has been highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the events we rely on for fundraising, including the SchoolsRule gala, have been canceled, and business donations are down as well. After several years at nearly $500K, we had to build a budget at $300K. We are thankful that our funding can still have impact for students in the areas of enrichment, wellness, and college counseling but we need your support to carry this on throughout the academic year. 

HeadsUp needs and welcomes volunteers of all kinds to fulfill our mission. Let us know if you’d like to help with an event or ongoing operational activities, or if you’d be interested in joining our board. 

Michelene Moayedi  Executive Director



Individual and Community Donors 2020–21

Amy Allen

Beth Levison and TomAllen

Amy Arcaro

Myrto Ashe

Amy Baer

John Beltran


Mauree n Bennett

Janet Rowan Blythedale Rebekah Lodge

Carol and Patrick Brosnan

Tanya and Garrett Burdick

Cathy Burke

Philippe Cayanni

Leila Chesloff

Cindy Chung

Tiffani and Gregg Clarke

Gerald Cloney

Glena Coleman

Hugh Davies

Dellinger Family

Carol and Bill Farrer

Patty Garbarino

Jessica and ScottGerber

Suzanne Gilbert

Abigail Gorton

Sissel Grove

Brooke Hansen

Jennifer Hatch

Kurt and Julie Hauser Foundation

CJ Healy

Leslie and Brooks Herrick

Kearsley Higgins

Sarah Hinkley

Jonathan Hoeh

Linda Jackson

Mary Herald and Amy Jonak

Dennis and Pamela Joyce

Vatche Kalfayan

Janey Kaplan

Francesca and Tom Kennedy

Alicia and Tom Klein

Lyn and Don Klein

Maria Kunin

Steven Kwok

MaikaLlorens Gulati

Paula and Bill Loeffler

Neil MacPhail

Bruce and Carole MacPhail

Dominga Maldonado

Carlene McCart

Andrew and Theresa McCullough

Stephen and Kathy Ries McCurdy

Mikelle Miles

Michelene and Eric Moayedi

Moeller Foundation

Carrie Moler

Brian Morris

Kajsa and Declan Murphy

Jennifer Myers

Scott Myers

Molly and Phil Neal

Eve Nelson

Lara Nuer

Jennifer and Mark Numainville

Kathy and Dennis O'Keefe

Sara O'Neil

Whitney and Dennis O'Neill

Deborah and Jonathan Parker

Laurie and Andrew Pederesen

Dana Pepp

Christina Perrino

R Pimanta

Kenneth and Abby Pledger

Elena and Mark Pletcher

Michael Purtell

Daniela Rabbie

Ali Rafipour

Jennifer Sargent

Sweeti Shah

Melina Shepherd

Gregory Shumsky

Gregory Snyder

Karen and Steve Spicer

Jennifer and Chris Spilly

Rachel and Jeff Street

Jon Swartz

Melissa Testa

Judy and Natu Tuatagaloa

Village Foundation

Noah Wasserman

Mary Widdifield

Jeanne Williams

Lori Wong

Janetta Wood

Linda Woods