Our FY21 funding has been highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the events we rely on for fundraising, including the SchoolsRule gala, have been canceled, and business donations are down as well. After several years at nearly $500K, we had to build a budget at $225K. Cuts were spread equally across the divisions (elementary, middle, high all reduced by 48%). We are thankful that our funding can still have impact for students in the areas of enrichment, wellness and college counseling but we need your support to carry this on throughout the academic year. 

HeadsUp needs and welcomes volunteers of all kinds to fulfill our mission. Let us know if you’d like to help with an event or ongoing operational activities, or if you’d be interested in joining our board. 

Michelene Moayedi  Executive Director



Individual Donors 2019–20

Joyce and Andrew Kives Abrams

Renee Adelmann

Bud Alderson

Beth Levison and Tom Allen

Amy Allen

Ella Allen

Ayesha Amin-Arsala

Cesar Angeles

Jose Arevalo

Kate Bailey

Carlos Baranona

Sofia Barrios

Pable Benevides

Blythedale Rebekah Lodge

Carol and Patrick Brosnan

Philip Buckley

Tanya and Garrett Burdick

Cathy Burke

Micaela C

Silvia Calderon

Silvia Calderon

Jenny and Steve Callaway

Amanda Carlson

Henry Carreto

Juliana Carrillo

Ligia Catzim

Pablo Chan

Matilde Chau

Emidia Cifuentes

Tracey Clifford

Glena Coleman

Crosspoint Realty Services

Alex and Callie Damsgaard

Hugh Davies

Dawn Denberg

Brenda Diaz

Barrett and Thea Eliot

Marianne Ellenberger

Leobardo Espinoza

Kimberly Evans

Carol and Bill Farrer

Michael and Mindy Findtner

Vicente Floridalma

Aaron Foree

Pam and Michael Franklin

Jon and Joan Collins Freudman

Maribel Garcia

Isidro Garcia

Eduardo Garcia

Maribel Garcia

Eliseo Garcia

Mariana Gava

ES Genesis

Elaine Goldman

Gladys Gomez

Vicentwe Gomez

Maricela Gonzales

Vilma Gonzalez

Osvaldo Gonzalez

Raul Gonzalez

Eileen Gordon

Berni Gramajo

Patricia Green

Ana Guillen

Linda and Mohammed Hamza

Edilberto Hernandez

Frolian Hernandez

Leslie and Brooks Herrick

Caryl Hodges

Jonathan Hoeh

Tom Holmes

Humberto Huinac

Shannon and Ryan Hutto

Linda Jackson

Kris and Tory Jackson

Maria Jimenez

Kim and Eric Johnson

Deac Jones

Dennis and Pamela Joyce

Patty and Phil Abey Jung

Julie Kaltwasser

Alan Kaufman

Elaine Keratzides

Rachel Kertz

Alicia and Tom Klein

Amy Knudsen

Jen Labovich

Laurent Le Barbeir

Isabel Leon

Maika Llorens Gulati

Nidia Lopez

Andres Lopez

Maria Lopez

Nida Lopez

Eleno Lopez

Edgar Lopez

Maria Lubamerskly

Matt and Ann Lucchesi

Veharh Ly

Tasha Ly

Patricia Macario

Bruce and Carole MacPhail

Pedro Mariano

Manuel Marin

Laurie and Greg Martinez

Andrew and Theresa McCullough

Stephen and Kathy Ries McCurdy

Bridget McNeeley

Yesica Mednez

Maria Mejia

Selvin Mejia

Juana Monabais

Abraham Monterros

Gina Moore

Manuela Morales

Delmy Morenoa

Sue and Dennis Murphy

Jenna Naughton

Man Nguyen

Jennifer and Mark Numainville

Renee O’Hare

Whitney and Dennis O’Neill

Becky Ordin

Hector Ortiz

Jose Pantodo

Deborah and Jonathan Parker

Stanley and Georgene Pasarell

Laurie and Andrew Pedersen

Dana Pepp

Ignacio Perez

Pascual Perez

Clara Perez

Leslie Piper

Wendy Pirir

Elena Pletcher

Avery and Drake Prymak

Daniela Rabbie

Miguel Renoj

Sarcey Reyes

Lucila Reyes

Araceli Rodas

Paublo Rodas

Werner Rodas

Maria Rodriguez

Elisea Romero

Ethan Rubin

Sandra Santiago

Irma Santivanez

Lisa Santora

Asbel Santos

Juan Santos

Sophia Sarceno

Morgan Schauffler

Andrew Schultz

Andre Shashaty

Hal and Lisa Shenson

Emily Shuki

Claire Snyder

Naomi Speigleman

Karen and Steve Spicer

Jennifer and Chris Spilly

Michelle Stern

Londy Suhul

Kaleb Tabat

Olga Temnikoff

Melissa Testa

Therese Hopkins and Tom Thompson

Eric Tran

Judy and Natu Tuatagaloa

Nancy van Horn

Vito Vanoni

Heather Vantress

Paxtor Vasquez

Patricia Vasquez

Abida Vasquez

Antonia Velazquez

Niyav Vira

Erica Vo

Matt Winton

Sue Wyatt

Rafael Zepoda