HeadsUp funds college support services at both San Rafael and Terra Linda high schools. Onsite consultants available to all students provide basic admission advice, including assistance with college searches, applications, essays, interview preparation, appeals, and financial aid. In a program designed to assist students of all academic levels and socioeconomic backgrounds, consultants work with students in one-on-one meetings, small workshops, and larger seminars.  HeadsUp is thrilled to be able to help students and their parents negotiate the challenging maze that is the college application process!

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Matt Slavin

Matt comes to HeadsUp with over 15 years of higher education experience. He has held both admissions and academic advising roles at Bay Area institutions, including Dominican University, Holy Names University and the Academy of Art. Earlier in his career, Matt founded and led Filling the Gaps, a nonprofit organization that focused on securing funding for underserved Marin County high school seniors ready to attend a four-year school. 

Matt’s Office hours:

Tuesdays 9:30am–2:30pm at Terra Linda 

Wednesdays 9:30am–2:30pm at San Rafael

Thursdays 9:30am–2:30pm at San Rafael

Fridays 9:30am–2:30pm at Terra Linda

and by appointment

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In addition to funding this position, HeadsUp is providing additional resources for the district college and career advisor at each site in order to boost support for important college access and career exploration activities.

"We are so excited to know that our daughter will have these resources available to her as she prepares herself for college. Many thanks for all that you and your team are doing for our students!"