HeadsUp is the San Rafael Public Education Foundation.
Our Mission is to bring critical enrichment and support programs to our schools, providing equitable opportunities for our students while building community district wide. 


This year, your contribution will help us continue to support all our schools and students as the adapt to distance and hybrid learning during the pandemic.





Who We Are


HeadsUp is made up of parents, school administrators, business people, and active members of the community who, since 1982, have raised millions of dollars to supplement our schools’ budgets. We currently contribute to helping make vital district-wide enrichment programs available to every child in our twelve schools. Though the state economy is improving after years of devastating budget cuts, like most California districts, San Rafael City Schools cannot provide the level of enrichment and corollary support services that the best prepared 21st century students require. HeadsUp is committed to raising the additional funds necessary to ensure the quality education our 7,000 San Rafael students deserve.

This year your contribution will help provide for:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Music Programs and Materials

  • After-School Enrichment Programs at the Middle Schools, including DMS Jazz Band and Maker Club

  • Middle School Transition and Restorative Justice Programs

  • College Counseling Consultants at the High Schools

  • High School Transition Programs

  • High School Student Athlete Safety Programs

  • Teacher Mini-Grants

  • Consistent Achiever Luncheon

HeadsUp Board


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Executive Director
Michelene Moayedi

Executive Committee
Alicia Malet Klein, President 
Amy Jonak, Vice President 

Mariana Lopez Quintanilla,
Vice President 

Laurie Pedersen, Vice President 
Kenneth Pledger, Vice President
Mary Widdifield, Secretary 

Sue Murphy, Treasurer        

Board Members

Courtney Budesa

Tanya Burdick

Emily Busch

Angela Camacho

Cindy Chung

Rick Graves

Brooke Hansen

Tracey Hessel

Gina Kossler

Karen Madden

Whitney O’Neill

Cecilia Perez

Leslie Ann Piper

Rachel Street

Mike Taylor

Karena Posedel Whorton

SRCS School Board Rep
Linda Jackson 

School Principal Liaisons
Cecilia Perez
Mike Taylor
Julie Harris


Jim Hogeboom

Emeritus Board

Gary Anspach

Jenny Callaway

Morry Cater

Tiffani Clarke

Carol Farrer

Pam Franklin

Cathy Gallagher

Patty Garbarino

Cari Gerlach

Maika Llorens Gulati

Linda Hamza

Francesca Kennedy

Aimi Dutra Krause

Laurie Martinez

Carlene McCart

Carole MacPhail

Kathy O’Keefe

Naomi Spiegelman

Patty Thayer

Pat Wootton

Cynthia Wuthmann

Projected Spending and Funding Sources for 2019–2020
FY19–20 Budget



Community Appeal: 40,000

Parent Appeal: 18,000

Businesses/Grants: 53,786

SchoolsRule: 175,000

Events: 152,700



Program Expenses

ES Music 1st-5th: 198,885

ES Enrichment Grants: 15,000

MS Enrichment: 64,400

MS Transition/Leadership: 6,400

HS College & Career: 33,000

HS Health/Safety/Wellness: 15,000

HS Music Support: 16,000

HS Leadership/Inclusion: 6,000

HS Libraries: 6,000

Mini/Green Grants: 30,786

Consistent Achievers: 3,000

Total Program: 403,871


Non-Program Expenses

Operating: 52,000

Events: 40,000

Total Non-Program: 92,000



*Reflects expenditure of carryover 

Funding Sources

HeadsUp San Rafael Public Education Foundation

P.O. Box 150157, San Rafael, CA 94915

Tax ID# 94-2838374 

San Rafael City Schools: 

Bahia Vista, Coleman, DavidsonGlenwood, Laurel Dell, San Pedro, Short, Sun Valley, Venetia Valley, Madrone HS, San Rafael HS, and Terra Linda HS

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HeadsUp is part of Schools Rule Marin, a coalition of all Public Education Foundations in Marin County.