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The Consistent Achiever Award is presented to students who, throughout their school years, have demonstrated a consistent commitment to good citizenship and to developing their highest academic potential. 
Every school in the San Rafael School District honors two students each from fifth-, eighth-, and twelfth-grade levels. 



Congratulations to our 2023–24 SRCS Consistent Achiever Award Winners!  We are so proud of you!

Bahia Vista Elementary 

Jennifer Diaz
Christopher Diaz


Coleman Elementary 

Carlos Alvarez
Vanessa Flores


Glenwood Elementary 

Clay George 
Jorge Gonzalez

Laurel Dell Elementary 

Aaron Reyes
Allison Teh

San Pedro Elementary 

Elisa Saquiche De Leon
Estefany Orellana


Sun Valley Elementary 

Kevin Alexander Gomez De Leon
Julissa Cevallos


Venetia Valley (K-5)

Duglas De Leon Fuentes
Emerly Mazariegos Diaz

Davidson Middle School

Duberson Lopez Gonzales
Alejandra Lopez

Venetia Valley (6–8)

Charlie Rohla
Jacquelin Benito


Madrone High School 

Wendy Jorge Mazariegos
Armando Alonzo Lucas (Bridge Program)

San Rafael High School 

Christopher Huerta
Martha Gonsalez Contreras


Terra Linda High School 

Celeste Ruiz Barrientos
Kimberly Alvarez

Students are selected by their Principal and teachers based upon the following criteria:

  • consistent progress and a commitment

  • developing his/her academic potential to good citizenship

  • being dependable and enthusiastic, and

  • being supportive of fellow peers, teachers and Principal.


Each student receives a certificate of achievement from Congressman Jared Huffman, State Senator Mike McGuire,  and Mayor Kate Colin.


Click here to see 2022/23 award winners.


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