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Program Overview
This year, HeadsUp continues to focus on enrichment, wellness and college support, all with an equity lens.

At the K-5 level, our focus is arts enrichment. We've partnered with Youth In Arts, the district, and our elementary PTOs and PTAs to design and fund a program responsive to the priorities and needs of each school—  providing weekly arts enrichment for every K-5 student. The 30 weeks of instruction include two disciplines of each site’s choosing, all necessary supplies, culminating events, and a family art workshop. We also fund middle-school enrichment and wellness, including after-school programs. The dollars towards these programs are allocated via a model that promotes greater equity by pushing out additional resources to schools most in need.​

At the high school level, we support college access programming, funding a college counseling consultant four days a week at each site. We also continue to put significant resources toward the on-campus wellness centers and we provide generous discretionary funds for each school to use as it sees fit in the areas of student mental health, student engagement and the arts.

Last, our mini-grant program for teachers across the district provides support for myriad creative projects that would otherwise go unfunded.








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