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Elementary Arts Enrichment

We’ve partnered with Youth In Arts, the district, and our elementary PTAs and PTOs to design and fund a program responsive to the priorities and needs of each school. Together, we’re building a program with commitment to strategically pool resources and expand high-quality program offerings for years to come. The art enrichment classes are offered weekly for every TK-5 student and are led by Youth in Arts’ teaching artists. The 30 weeks of instruction include two disciplines (visual arts, music or dance) of each school’s choosing, all necessary supplies, culminating events and a hands-on family art workshop.

We are pleased to deepen the partnership with Youth in Arts to provide elementary enrichment. The mission of Youth in Arts aligns perfectly with that of HeadsUp; Youth in Arts builds visual and performing arts skills through innovative and in-depth programs that foster confidence, compassion, and resilience in students of all abilities. They develop capacity among educators and teaching artists, advocate for equitable access to arts education, and offer opportunities for youth to share their creative voices.

Sept. 14, 2022 Press Release: Local Partners Unite to Provide Enriching Arts Programs for all San Rafael Elementary Students
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