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This year, with generous support from Sun Valley, Coleman, and Glenwood parent groups, we are able to bring high-quality, grade-appropriate, daily enrichment to every child at every school. We've engaged experts in Art and Dance (Youth in Arts), Yoga (Bambini Yoga), P.E. (National Academy of Athletics) and Music (HeadsUp teachers Cathy Lenz and Amanda Hahn) to develop our engaging, activity-based, online curriculum. Learn more by visiting our elementary enrichment website here! 
HeadsUp believes that music is an essential part of education. Not only does music enrich the lives of students, it also nourishes the brain. Research consistently shows a correlation between music education and academic achievement. For this reason, HeadsUp has been helping to fund music education in our schools for over a decade.

Music for 1st–5th Grades

HeadsUp has supported and funded 4th and 5th grade music programs in San Rafael elementary schools for the past decade. In 2014–15, HeadsUp began funding 3rd grade music as well! By offering consistent, quality instruction and supply stipends, we ensure that all students are ready to participate fully in music when they go on to middle school together. Our goal is to continue adding music funding for the remaining grades, freeing up PTA/O funds for other programs.

Music Support at Middle Schools

After years of funding sections to aid the district during the state budget crisis, the improved economy allows HeadsUp to return to its core mission, funding and supporting enrichment in ways the district cannot. Working with music teachers at Davidson and Venetia Valley, we identified a large need for instrument acquisition, repair and replacement, so we made five-figure grants to each school for this purpose in 2015–16. We also fund the Jazz Band and managed a crowdfunding campaign to help secure the Marching Band’s quest for uniforms. Percussion, brass, voice, string, woodwind, and steel pan comprise a fantastic three-year curriculum that is comprehensive, with many students starting at beginner level. With your generosity, we can continue to provide a quality musical experience for all our students.

Music Support at High Schools

In response to requests from parent groups and music department staff, HeadsUp provided $5,000 to each of the high schools’ music programs this year. San Rafael used the money to help fund an additional section of music, while Terra Linda purchased a much-desired new timpani. Our ability to step up when needs arise is especially impactful during this time of budget constriction in the high school district.

How Has Music Changed Your Life?

Interviews with our beloved SRCS music staff and students.

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