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March 5 – March 15, 2019
Help us bring the magic of music to every child 
in San Rafael City Schools.
Our goal is to provide music instruction for every child in San Rafael, kindergarten through 5th grade, and to expand our support of music electives at both middle schools. This is a goal we can achieve by working together as a community. And Rockin’Run is how we’re going to do it. 
Rockin’Run engages 3,500 students in training, collecting pledges, and running laps to raise money to fund these vital programs.


March 5.......Sun Valley

March 6.......Laurel Dell

March 7.......Glenwood

March 8.......Bahia Vista

March 11.....Coleman​

March 13.....Short

March 14.....Venetia Valley

March 15.....San Pedro

See what some of our San Rafael High School jazz band students have to say about their music experience.

Check out our gallery page to see new images posted after each school's run.

Special thanks to our Rockin'Run supporters.

Clif bars nourish our hungry runners; T&B Sports, Extreme Pizza, and the San Rafael Pacifics donate our prizes, and T&B prints our t-shirts.

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