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Congratulations to our 2021-22 Teacher Mini-Grant Recipients!



Allison Kegley, Venetia Valley

Visit from Wildcare’s Nature Van


Sarah Zykanov, San Pedro

Art supplies for scientific sketching project


Kristen Jacobson, Youth in Arts consultant, Coleman, Laurel Dell, Bahia Vista, San Pedro & Venetia Valley

Transportation to community celebration and K-5 art show


María M. Velarde, San Pedro

Outdoor art boards for transitional kindergarten


Sheila Torres, Venetia Valley

STEM manipulatives and project supplies


Molly Todd, San Pedro

Musical instruments for 4th and 5th graders


Lauri Peters, Laurel Dell

Materials for learning games and activities


Lydia Velasco-Mayock, Bahia Vista

SEL tools and learning materials


Katie Marek, Venetia Valley

Yoga mats and videos for special day class


Carolyn Reibel, San Pedro

“Walk Through American Revolution” guest-facilitated program



Mari Allen, Davidson Middle School

Games and art supplies for library during lunchtime/recess 


Matt McCabe, Davidson Middle School licenses for computer game design


Tracy Langley, Davidson Middle School

Art supplies for student project



Kendra Rose, San Rafael High & Terra Linda High

Books for Project Lit Program book clubs


Bruce Gustin, Terra Linda High

Commemorative, student-designed t-shirts for Game Academy Design Program 


Annie Yi, San Rafael High

Art materials for print-making/screen-printing project


Alexis Morgan, Madrone High

Rewards for student-of-the-month recipients


CJ Healy, San Rafael High

Footballs and ball pumps


Lee Chretien, San Rafael High

Test materials for Marin Math League


Nick Burdick, San Rafael High

Music folders for band, orchestra & choir performances


Johanna Herrera, San Rafael High

Wedging table for preparing clay for ceramics


Kevin McSorley, San Rafael High

Math manipulatives


Mari Philo, San Rafael High

Darkroom chemicals


Katy Bernheim, Terra Linda High

Etching blankets for block printing and etching art projects

Green Grants

Congratulations to our 2021-22 Green Grant Recipients!

Julie Ryan, Glenwood

Art supplies, education materials and a shelter for the Green Team’s tools & supplies


Bridget Minutoli & Shelby Satterfield, San Pedro

Supplies for vermicomposting project

Sara Frack, Terra Linda High

Printed posters and stickers to support student Sustainability Committee’s recycling program


Anne Lerner-Wright, San Rafael High

Trees and mulch for planting by orchestra students to offset instruments

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