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Congratulations to our 2018–19 Teacher Mini-Grant Recipients!



Emily Koller, Bahia Vista
Materials for science enrichment for fifth graders


Sarah Gaidano, Bahia Vista
Art supplies for a winter family crafting night for the whole community


Anelie Smith-Nelson, Bahia Vista
Listening center books for kindergarteners


Mary Kate Kenney, Coleman
Robot building kits for fifth graders


Danielle Diego, San Pedro
Transportation fee assistance for trip to Cal Academy


Veronica Reyes, San Pedro
Technology accessories for first graders


Pierre Littée, Bahia Vista
Materials for incorporating art lessons into the third-grade curriculum


Allison Franklin, Bahia Vista
Special assembly performance and art materials for kindergarteners


Blythe Osner, San Pedro
Art and drama materials to support the fifth-grade history curriculum


Allie Hoch, Venetia Valley
Art materials for first graders


Chris Browning, Coleman
Sports equipment to add new sports to PE​



Maria Pusel, DMS and Laurel Dell
Art therapy materials


Matt McCabe, DMS

Software licenses for sixth grade technology enrichment




C.J. Healy, SR
Sit-on kayaks to support PE sailing class


John Gilluly, SR & TL
Additional Spanish language materials for both libraries


Johanna Herrera, SR
New pottery smocks for ceramics students


Alani Coleman, SR
Wireless presenter remotes to enhance world language student presentations


Jessica Redding, SR
Fresh fruit and veggies for nutrition curriculum


Paula Nichols, TL
New reading materials for Career Counseling Center


Kathy Takemoto and Susan Tolchard, San Rafael Adult Education
Classroom books for adult learners


Alexis Morgan, Madrone
Funding for student milestone rewards


Elizabeth Galbreath, Katy Bernheim, Lisa Cummings, TL
Silkscreen printing exposure unit for art and graphic design classes


Kevin McSorley, SR
Manipulatives for math concepts

Green Grants

Congratulations to our 2018–19 Green Grant Recipients!

Sarah Gaidano, Bahia Vista
Funding to start Bahia Vista’s first student green team.  Activities will include a family education campaign and poster-making effort.


Sara Frack, TL
Anti-littering campaign will include data analysis from statistics class, poster design/production by graphic design class, with coordination by the Eco-Action Club at TL.


Annie Yi, SR
Materials for campus murals arounds a theme of environmental awareness.


Chippy Taylor, Duncan Stilson, Zoe McDonough, Millie Harrison, Izzy Shepler, Anna Foehr, MSEL
Materials to rebuild fencing, replace mulch and plants in MSEL garden.


Meredith Case, Katie Kurth, Allison Madden, Maddie Reyes, Malia Bekey, Morgan Hickey, MSEL
Materials to rebuild planting boxes, repair irrigation and provide plants and tools for a middle school education campaign.

Natalie Tar, Jessie Kamman, Emi Takaoka,
Lily Dahlgren, Claire Markowitz, Kyra Allen, Angela Retana, MSEL
Funding for green school supply initiative.


Nathan Pelle, Rosie Cohen, Avery Stanco,
Ali Smith, Nicole Chong, and En-Ya Zhang, MSEL

Funding for natural (and environmentally friendly) personal care product line of their own creation to be sold at farmer’s markets.  


Rhea McKenzie, Tessa Anderson, Fiona Whiteley, Tiansui Chu, Ryann Rosenstein, Tanner Martinez, Sofia Weinstein, MSEL
Materials for an education campaign about air quality issues.


Amelia Cabrales, Elisabeth Fox, Liliana Peixotto, Kela Cabrales, SR
Materials to start a smoothie garden at San Rafael High as part of Girl Scouts project. 

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