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The Consistent Achiever Award is presented to students who, throughout their school years, have demonstrated a consistent commitment to good citizenship and to developing their highest academic potential. Every school in the San Rafael and Dixie School Districts honor two students  each from fifth, eighth, and twelfth grade levels. 
HeadsUp and Can Do! education foundations have been working together for over 30 years to sponsor the annual Consistent Achiever Awards.


Congratulations 2018-19 Consistent Achiever Award Winners!
We are so proud of you!

Dixie Elementary

Sabine Amador  

Justin Diaz 


Mary Silveira Elementary

Angie Mejia  

Cruz Indra


Vallecito Elementary

Samantha Foley  

Jack Day 


Bahia Vista Elementary 

Dilson Enriquez Ramirez 

Ashley Signor 


Coleman Elementary 

Cristian Tecum Reyes 

Elena Dameron Seymour 


Glenwood Elementary 

Allie Marovich 

Daniel Bran

Laurel Dell Elementary 

Flory De Leon Calderon 

Diego Vasquez 


San Pedro Elementary 

Cynthia Paxtor 

Julian Calderon 


Short Elementary

Catherine Tzul 

Larry Calderon 


Sun Valley Elementary 

Sarah Labes 

Luke Shapiro 


Venetia Valley (K-8)

Amelia Stafford 

Francisco Luna, Jr. 

Yadira Gramajo 

Elvin Maldonado 

Miller Creek Middle

Kira Rodriguez 

Luke Klima 


Davidson Middle School

O’Marion Beard 

Ana Rodriguez 


Madrone High School 

Andy Lovo Garcia 

Samantha Oliver De Leon 


San Rafael High School 

Jordan Locke 

Christopher Barrios 


Terra Linda High School 

Neftaly Sontay Abac 

Kendra Camacho Sanchez 

Students are selected by their Principal and teachers based upon the following criteria:

  • consistent progress and a commitment

  • developing his/her academic potential to good citizenship

  • being dependable and enthusiastic, and

  • being supportive of fellow peers, teachers and Principal.


Each student receives a certificate of achievement from Congressman Huffman, State Senator McGuire, Assemblyman Levine, and Mayor Gary Phillips. Mayor Phillips delivers a personal message at the beginning of the luncheon and Dominican University Vice President Peter Johnson presents the awardees with a special scholarship.


Click here to see 2017/18 award winners.


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