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Our 2015-16 Business & Community Sponsors

Thanks to all our wonderful business partners!

Remember, they support our kids, so let's support them!

Bank of Marin
Ghilotti Construction
Golden State Lumber Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
Luther Burbank Savings
Marin County Boar of Supervisors
Marin Outdoor Boot Camp
Marin Resource Recovery Center
Meritas Wealth Management, LLC
Peter Levi Plumbing
Redwood Credit Union
San Rafael Pacifics Baseball
The Dutra Group
Union Bank
Wells Fargo Bank
Whole Foods Market

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria
Anspach Financial Group
Gaspare's Pizza
Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics
Michelle J. Gonzales, DDS
Pet Emergency & Specialty Center of Marin
State Farm – Kris Kelson
Stephen Hill Jewelers
T&B Sports
Extreme Pizza
West End Nursery

Shop for Kids

Although we really encourage you to support our local business sponsors, if you ever need to shop on-line, here is an option:

HeadsUp receive .5% through this link while shopping at and its business partners.

Click on “Signup”
Select “Group Name” and enter “HeadsUp” or type in our group ID number: 500017409
Register your Safeway card, credit cards and debit cards. It's free!

Shopping on-line at Shutterfly? Gap? Apple? PotteryBarn? Crate & Barrel? and many more...
sign up at iCause and a % of your purchase will come to us and it's free!

Thank you for taking this quick easy step to help support our schools in San Rafael.

Rockin’Run is here!

SPONSOR A STUDENT! Click on Donate Now and fill out the online form to sponsor a student at any of our participating schools as they run laps for our school music programs.

See us Run!
March 22 San Pedro
March 23 Laurel Dell
March 24 Coleman
March 25 Glenwood
March 28 Venetia Valley
March 30 Short
March 31 Bahia Vista
April 1 Sun Valley

For more information and to watch 2015 photos, visit
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These kids are our heros!

Events Calendar 2015-16

Rockin'Run Lapathon
March 21 - April 1, 2016

Consistent Achievers
May 24, 2016

HeadsUp night at the Pacifics
June, 2016 (date coming soon)

Summerfest Carnival
September 24, 2016

Summerfest VII – Thank you San Rafael!

Many thanks to our hard working volunteers, SRCS staff, business partners and the entire community who all came together to support every single student in our 12 schools! We are so proud to be part of this incredible community. #HUSummerfest

Click here for a video of the event:

Schools Rule Marin

HeadsUp is part of Schools Rule Marin, a coalition of all Public Education Foundations in Marin County.

Our Vision:

Uniting our San Rafael community to elevate the public education experience for every child through vital programs that inspire confidence, competence, and creativity.

Bahia Vista • Coleman • Davidson • Glenwood • Laurel Dell • San Pedro • Short • Sun Valley • Venetia Valley • Madrone • San Rafael HS • Terra Linda HS


A Message from the President

Over the last six years, Executive Director Maika Llorens Gulati has helped HeadsUp make tremendous strides toward our goals of providing enrichment, promoting equity, and building community throughout the district. Her unique skill set has helped propel our organization on a path of growth and her vision and passion have been drivers of our success.

As most of you know, Maika was appointed to the school board about a year ago, with the full support of our leadership, and last fall’s election placed her in the seat for a full term. Balancing these two roles has become challenging, and so Maika will be stepping down as our ED within the next several months. While we are sad to lose her, we have no doubt she will have the ability to serve our district in an even more impactful manner once she can devote her attention to school board activities, and we are excited for her and our entire community as she moves on to this next phase.

The HeadsUp board will navigate the foundation through this time successfully, with Maika’s support, until a new director is in place. Please contact me if you know of anyone who may be interested in this position. Click here for a job description, or you may email me to request it.

Alicia Malet Klein

Congratulations to our Teacher Mini-Grants Awardees!

After receiving 22 applications for 15 teacher mini-grants of $500 each, HeadsUp wants to thank all teachers and principals who submitted applications.

Congratulations to our Fall grantees:

  • Suzanne Truett, Field Trip to the San Francisco Opera Performance “Carmen” to benefit students taking French at San Rafael High school
  • Annie Yi, Spiral binding machine to make sketchbooks to benefit Art students at San Rafael High school
  • Denise Corrado and Stuart Shepherd, Fieldtrip to Legion of Honor to benefit SS/Art students at Madrone school
  • Katy Bernheim, Camera for the Art department to benefit Art students at Terra Linda High school
  • David Tow, Classroom ready creative writing and literary arts curriculum to benefit english/MSEL students at Terra Linda High school
  • Matt McCabe, “We Video” Licenses-movie making app to benefit Tech students at Davidson Middle school
  • Adam Singer, Robotics Components to benefit 6th-8th graders at Davidson Middle school
  • Michael Mares, Microphones to benefit Music students at Davidson Middle school
  • Mateo Dillaway, Ukeleles to benefit Music students 2nd – 8th grades at Venetia Valley school
  • Pierre Littlee, PBS Makey Makey to benefit a 3rd grade class at Bahia Vista school
  • Emily Koller, Marin Museum of the American Indian to benefit four 5th grade classes at Bahia Vista school
  • Vanessa Flynn, CAL Performance field trip to benefit 3rd-4th graders at Short school
  • Kristin Vandro, fieldtrip to the San Francisco Opera House to benefit four kindergarten classes at Venetia Valley school
  • Allie Kegley, Youth in Arts Assembly to benefit K-1st grade students at Venetia Valley school
  • Mindy Green, Art Making Process grant to benefit 2nd graders at Laurel Dell school

HeadsUp mini-grants support innovative site-based enrichment programs K-12 that affect significant numbers of students and build confidence, competence, and creativity. This year we are expanding the program to $20,000, doubling last year’s funds which will allow many more projects to be funded.


Summerfest Carnival VII raised over $83,000!

 Summerfest 2015

Dozens of volunteers, SRCS staff, business partners and families throughout the community came together to support quality enrichment in San Rafael Schools!
It was a beautiful reflection of our community and a huge success. Thank you! #HUSummerfest

 Click here for a video of the event

Click here for Summerfest results

HeadsUp Summerfest results en español


Congratulations 2015 Consistent Achiever Award Winners! We are so proud of you!

Read more about this amazing students here!


The first HeadsUp crowdfunding campaign achieved its goal!

HeadsUp was able to raise over $7,000 to give the Davidson Marching Band the uniforms they deserve!
Thank you very much for your support!

Davidson Middle School Band Uniforms

Click the link above to hear the kids tell their story!



Each and every one of you can make a difference in our children’s future here in San Rafael. Whether you’re a parent, a business owner or a community member, please join us in helping provide an enhanced and equitable education for all 7,000 K-12 students who attend the 12 San Rafael City Schools.

Investing in our children’s education is one of the most important investments for the future you can make — as a parent, as a community member, as a business.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of education in our public schools by funding vital programs and services for all students, kindergarten through high school.