The Consistent Achiever Award is presented to students who, throughout their school years, have demonstrated a consistent commitment to good citizenship and to developing their highest academic potential. Every school in the San Rafael and Dixie School Districts honor two students  each from fifth, eighth, and twelfth grade levels. 
HeadsUp and Can Do! education foundations have been working together for over 30 years to sponsor the annual Consistent Achiever Awards.

Students are selected by their Principal and teachers based upon the following criteria:

  • consistent progress and a commitment

  • developing his/her academic potential to good citizenship

  • being dependable and enthusiastic, and

  • being supportive of fellow peers, teachers and Principal.


Each student receives a certificate of achievement from Congressman Huffman, State Senator McGuire, Assemblyman Levine, and Mayor Gary Phillips. Mayor Phillips delivers a personal message at the beginning of the luncheon and Dominican University Vice President Peter Johnson presents the awardees with a special scholarship.

Click here to see 2016 award winners.

Bahia Vista

Neyda Diaz

Alexander Zacarias


Oneida Perez

Arvell Sedgwick



Marguerite Walden-Kaufman

Osbaldo Gonzalez

Laurel Dell

Ivana Ramos

Gaetano Polizzotti

Davidson Middle School

Zaire Fuentes

 Jason Cortez-Vicente

Madrone High School

Yesenia Cauich

Francisco Guillen

San Rafael High School

Colleen Conradi

John Diaz

Terra Linda High School

Alondra Vazquez Lopez

Miguel Chan Relac

Congratulations 2017 Consistent Achiever Award Winners!
We are so proud of you!

San Pedro

Alondra Maldonado

Sebastian Vigil


Naydelin Lizama

Landon Mendez

Sun Valley

Vechara Ly

Jonathan Rangel

Venetia Valley K-8

Jennifer Vazquez
(5th Grade)

Carlos Hernandez
(5th Grade)

Amy Muithya & Ali Modan (8th Grade)


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